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Founded in Milano in 1935 by Giulio Marangoni, master tailor recognised for his creations by the aristocracy all over Italy, Istituto Marangoni is internationally recognised as one of the leading players offering higher education in the fields of fashion, design and art.

For more than eight decades, it has witnessed the flourishing of Italian fashion and the birth of the ready-to-wear segment, accompanying their development and training the young talents who would later forge their success.

While remaining faithful to its distinctive identity and educational method, with the international expansion of Italian fashion, Istituto Marangoni has extended its network, opening new schools in Firenze, Paris, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Miami, managing to reconcile entrepreneurial dynamism with academic culture in a constantly expanding network that welcomes over 4,500 students each year hailing fro m more than 100 different countries.

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The Schools in MilanoFirenzeParis, London and Dubai have just launched their scholarships program for Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses starting in October 2023
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Specialized in providing higher education in the fields of fashion, design and art, Istituto Marangoni focuses on a practical teaching approach, based on didactic projects developed in cooperation with leading luxury brands.

The school proposes undergraduate and postgraduate courses, also available through a wide programme of scholarships awarded to the most worthy students.

An unbeatable Cross-school Exchange Programme takes advantage of Istituto Marangoni's internationality to provide a stimulating chance for students to expand their academic experience; students can move across the network, studying in the Milano, Firenze, London, Paris, Mumbai, Shanghai,Shenzhen and Miami locations, thus experiencing different international contexts.

Academic Courses include extra-curricular activities, industry projects, workshops on specific subjects, seminars, Lectures with VIP guests, showroom and museum visits, as well as Guidance and assistance in International competitions, shows, career fairs, awards, and scholarships, plus a variety of student social events.


At Istituto Marangoni, students from around the world meet and engage with one another in a continuous exchange of stimuli, ideas, projects and visions.

Their tutors, leading professionals specialized in the 'learning by doing' approach, explore with them innovative connections between Italian culture and local identity, business and traditions. Veritable gateways from one culture to another, these schools maintain an international vision in a bid to promote the successful migration of ideas and transfer of knowledge and abilities.



Preparatory Course
This foundation course develops critical independent thinking and practical ability for undergraduate level study. Upon successful completion participants reach the necessary level to be able to apply for one of the BA (Hons) Degree programmes or for a Three Year Course.

One Year Courses
These programmes provide a thorough knowledge of the technical and theoretical concepts related to fashion, styling, business and design, meeting the needs of those with limited time available, or for participants that have either little or no prior experience.

Study Abroad Semester Courses
Aimed at students with at least one year of previous study in their selected area, study abroad semesters (5 – 6 months) offer participants a chance to gain invaluable insights into European style and lifestyle, cultural influences, trends, contemporary issues as well as the impact of luxury companies and brands, and creative and contemporary issues in art and design in Europe’s capitals. The study abroad level is structured and taught at year two of a three year undergraduate programme.

Intensive Semester Courses
These undergraduate programmes provide a thorough knowledge of technical and theoretical concepts related to the design field, meeting the needs of participants that have either little or no prior experience.

BA (Hons) Degrees • Three-Year Courses 
These undergraduate programmes are designed for participants looking to enter the fashion, design, business, styling and art fields. They provide a complete education at undergraduate level and allow participants to acquire all of the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out a profession in their chosen subject.

BA (Hons) Degrees (Pathways) • Three Year Courses 3 (Pathways)
Starting from a solid base in one of the three year undergraduate core subjects in fashion, design, business and styling, participants on these undergraduate level programmes select from different pathways to specialise in a chosen area of interest, responding to individual talent, creative flair and passion.

BA (Hons) Degrees (Sandwich)
These four-year courses include a 36-week placement. The first two years of learning take place in the school and are then followed by a third year placement spent working in the fashion industry. At the end of the placement period participants return to school to complete the fourth and final year of study.


Aimed at graduates of all levels, this programme trains participants in the essential soft skills needed for personal growth and development including leadership, observational, and problem solving skills, as well as a foreign language element, and the possibility to undertake a period of practical work experience within a fashion company to improve their professional career profile. The overall aim of the professional experience is in communicating readiness for employment for fashion, design, and creative industries.


Preparatory Courses
All these courses are structured to ensure participants are fully prepared to meet the challenges of postgraduate level training. The Graduate Certificate 20 week course is specifically designed for participants that require additional subject specific knowledge or technical tools for entry onto any of the master’s fashion programmes at Istituto Marangoni. The Portfolio Surgery, Management Surgery and Design Surgery courses are three week programmes devised to support participants who have been accepted onto the master’s courses in fashion, business and design, giving them the opportunity to improve the quality of their work in preparation for the beginning of their chosen course.

Postgraduate Semester Courses
These full time courses offer specialist activities for participants who are looking for study abroad opportunities at postgraduate level, or for professionals who have the desire to ‘up-skill’ or take a career break to study subject-specific training in relation to the world of fashion and business. The courses aim to develop practical, creative, and business and management skills useful for career future development.

Master’s Degrees • Master’s Courses • Cycles De Spécialisation 
These full time postgraduate level courses are highly specialised programmes that support participants’ careers the fashion, luxury and creative industries. They are designed for those who have already acquired specific skills in the appropriate area at undergraduate level, or for industry professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge of a specific subject area in fashion, styling, business and art.