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The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth (MoECSY) of the Republic of Cyprus aspires for Cyprus to be established as an educational, technological and research center of excellence.  As such, and in alignment with the European Union and International policies and measures, Cypriot Higher Education promotes quality in higher education (HE) and excellence in teaching, while safeguarding diversity and institutional autonomy. Education in Cyprus is considered not only as a basic human right but as an essential investment. 

In this light, Cyprus has become, over the past years, an international student destination. The MoECSY and the Cypriot universities have embarked on a journey to promote HE and the academic opportunities offered by the Universities of Cyprus, to strengthen collaboration with overseas universities and to create more opportunities for student mobility, faculty exchange, research etc. 

In brief, we believe that the establishment of Cyprus as an ideal destination for international students is supported by the following characteristics: 

  • High Quality Education
  • High Caliber Academics
  • Excellent Facilities
  • Language of Instruction: Greek and English
  • Safe and friendly environment
  • Affordable cost
  • In the crossroads of Europe – Asia - Africa
  • Culturally diverse student population
  • European Union Member State
  • Global Business Center
  • International Destination with more than 140,000 international people living Cyprus.
  • Pleasant Mediterranean Climate
  • Rich Historical Heritage

For more information on Cypriot Higher Education, please visit the website of the Department of Higher Education at