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IE University is an international university in Spain. Our degrees are taught in English, students can learn Spanish, travel abroad on exchange and carry out internships. This diverse, dynamic hub consists of an average of 130 different countries represented on campus in both Segovia and Madrid, with 75% of its students coming from outside Spain. It’s a place for forward-thinking visionaries to learn in a transformative environment.      

We pride ourselves on our innovative vision and entrepreneurial spirit, fuelled by academic rigor and a strong focus on the humanities. Our practice-based approach goes beyond the classroom walls, taking our students to the frontlines of their respective fields.

IE University is more than just an education. It’s a complete academic and professional experience that broadens horizons, connects the world and provides students with a personalized career path to help them achieve their goals.

Schwerpunkte des Beratungsangebots


Schwerpunkte des Bildungsangebots

Single Bachelor Degrees: Business Administration, Economics, Architectural Studies, Design, Communication & Digital Media, Behavior & Social Sciences, International Relations, Laws (LL.B.), Philosophy Politics Law & Economics (PPLE), Data and Business Analytics, Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence. 

Dual Bachelor Degrees: Business Administrations & Data and Business Analytics, Business Administrations & International Relations, Business Administrations & Laws (LL.B.), International Relations & Laws (LL.B.), Philosophy Politics Law and Economics &  Data and Business Analytics. 


Interested in obtaining a bachelor's degree.


Online Application Form, High School Diploma, Admission Test, Online Assessment, Personal Interview. 


Single Bachelor Degrees are 21.000€ annually and Dual Bachelor Degress are 23.000€ annually.

Dauer der Ausbildung/Weiterbildung

Single Bachelor Degrees are 4 years and Dual Bachelor Degress are 5 years. 


Bachelor's Degree