Exhibitors from A to Z

BeSt³ Vienna 2021

Here you will find the exhibitors of BeSt³ from 4 to 7 March 2021 in the Wiener Stadthalle listed in alapabetic order. The affiliation of the exhibitors to the main topics is highlighted in color. Please note that the exhibitor information is mostly available in German only. The focus BeSt Experience China had to be canceled this year due to the coronavirus.

Show exhibitors:

BFahrschule – Fahrlehrerschule Prodrive
    BFahrschulen RAINER
    • Continuing education
    GFH Gesundheitsberufe OÖ GmbH
      UFH Kärnten – Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
      • Continuing education
      UFH Wiener Neustadt
        KFH Wiener Neustadt – Campus Wieselburg
          GFH Wiener Neustadt – Gesundheit
            TFH Wiener Neustadt – Technik
              WFH Wiener Neustadt – Wirtschaft
                WFOM Hochschule
                • International
                GFreiwilliges Soziales Jahr in Österreich - Verein zur Förderung freiwilliger sozialer Dienste
                  TFreiwilliges Umweltjahr FUJ
                  • BeSt 14+