Exhibitors from A to Z

BeSt digital 2021

Numerous exhibitors from the fields of work, study and further education will take part in BeSt digital from March 4 to 7, 2021. These include universities and universities of applied sciences, academies and colleges, private training providers and language schools, interest groups as well as companies, ministries and authorities. Here you will find all exhibitors listed in alphabetical order. The affiliation of the exhibitors to the respective fair areas and topics is highlighted in color.

Please note that the exhibitor information is mostly available in German only.

Show exhibitors:

WLandesinnung Wien der Maler und Tapezierer Tapezierer/in und Dekorateur/in
  • Job direct
  • BeSt 14+
JLandespolizeidirektion Wien – Berufsinformation
  • Job direct
WLauder Business School
  • BeSt Studium
ILerne smart – nicht hart! Webinare by Inclusion24
  • Without barriers
MLIK Akademie für Foto und Design - Ausbildung Fotografie, Film und Mediendesign