BeSt³ Material

Here you will find photos and material on the corporate design for the coverage of BeSt³ Vienna. If you have any questions, please contact the Fair office Vienna.

Press Photos

You can download press photos and use them free of charge. Please provide the following photo credit at publication: BeSt³ Wien


The font “The Sans” is used for all BeSt³ types of printing. You can also use the logo below (replacement font, license free). The $ symbol bears the BeSt³ logo.
For Windows and Mac-OS:
Download File:


The following colors are used:
CMYK: Logo 100% Yellow / 100% Magenta; Background 100% Yellow
Pantone: Logo Red = 185C; Background Yellow = Yellow 012C

Logos for Printing

General logo templates for further processing (for printing and all other applications): The vector format can be resized without loss of size. Attention: Postscript format can only be processed with postscript-enabled programs!

For Windows and Mac-OS:
Postscript format / 4-color (EPS)
Download File:
Postscript format / black and white (EPS)
Download File:

Application of the Logo

Use this logo (red, 100Y / 100M) on a generous yellow (yellow = 100Y) surface. The logo may not be limited to a yellow rectangle.

For BeSt³-Printings the logo should be positioned in the upper left corner and clearly appear in the overall picture (minimum size eg for posters, handouts, etc. about 1/8 of the area or 12.5%).

Under no circumstances may the logo be altered in any way, distorted or used in a wrong color. Please only use the original template (Tiff “logoprint_4C” or vector format, see EPS).

Download File:
Logo on a yellow background, Tiff format, resolution is sufficient in offset printing for about 12cm width.

Here is a logo for use on a white background:
Download File: BeSt_logo_auf_Weiss.jpg
This logo is only intended for third-party publications where a generous yellow background can not be guaranteed, but NOT for posters and other types of BeSt³ printing.

Logos for Web

Not scalable, not suitable for printing:
Logo on a yellow background, gif format, big
Download File: BeSt_logoweb_big.gif
Logo on a yellow background, gif format, small
Download File: BeSt_logoweb_small.gif