Events at BeSt³ Vienna

Lectures, presentations, interviews, discussions, workshops ... The program of the BeSt³ in the Wiener Stadthalle includes a series of events. In several auditories and a workshop room, numerous experts share their knowledge with the audience. All lectures and workshops can be found here in the daily programs. Program information is largely available only in German.

Registration Workshops

Attention: Registration is required for the workshops. You can register online and book a place.

Livestream Auditory 3

The program in Auditory 3 will be broadcasted via livestream on the Internet. BeSt Live Stream will be active on this website during the fair from 5 to 8 March 2020.

Lectures in sign language

Symbol Sign language

Some of the lectures will be translated into Austrian Sign Language. In the program these lectures are marked with the sign language symbol.

Induction system

Symbol Induction system

In the Auditories 1, 2, 3 and in the Auditory of the University of Vienna, an induction system for hearing-impaired persons is available. Please change the hearing aid to “T” or “MT”.


See: Location plan of auditories and workshop rooms.